Are you worried about next year's bookings?

We all know what the "R" word is and it is going to affect all of us.

There is a storm coming.

      Higher inflation. Higher energy costs. Higher wage demands.

          This is going to lead to:

      Lower bookings. Lower revenue. Lower profits. 

You could even go bust.

What are you going to do about it?

You have two choices;

Face the storm head-on. Look at what resources your business has. Deploy those resources better, and crack the method of the rhythmic acquisition of getting new customers. Then with a predictable source of revenue, you can set the course for your business in the direction that you want to go. Sail on into more favourable waters.


Do what you have always done before. Batten down the hatches, cut your costs, lay off staff and reduce the drawings you take out of your business. Then hope you can ride out the storm.


I can help you

Hello. My name is Patrick Tarpey. I am a certified EC coach. I specialise in helping small businesses in the Outdoor sector with the " Rythmic Acquisition of New Customers" and keeping regular ones.

Give me a ring on

  07341 916 787

to arrange a time for a chat.

Imagine what it would be like if you predict how many bookings you were going to take next season and how much revenue on average they would bring in.

I always feel better when I have a plan and know what direction I am heading, are you the same? Give me a ring and find out how I can help you plot the course for your business.

07341 916 787

My offer to you is a

a considered, personal and caring approach.

Are you are looking for motivation to be who you want to be ?

Would you like support to help you with your goals and targets?

Or are you stuck and don’t know how you can make any progress.

Magnitude.Biz coaching can help you take stock, help you locate yourself in your busy life. To give you time to reflect, acquire the skills you need. To build your confidence so that you can plan and achieve your dreams.