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Earn a living doing something that is authentic and fulfilling to you.

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Hello I am Patrick Tarpey, outdoor enthusiast, football supporter and the coach at Magnitude.

You're are here because you are seeking meaningful work in your life. You know decent, honest, graft that benefits not only yourself but your fellow humans.

The kind of work that keeps you awake at night because the inspiration just keeps coming. The kind of work that is so you, it doesn’t even feel like work — it feels like you’re simply showing up and doing your thing.

With a clear vision and a well-defined process, you CAN have meaningful work in your life. You can do this. And you don’t have to do it alone.

One Small Step, a guide to making progress

You are here reading this page becuse there is something missing from your life. One little peice of the jigsaw puzzle that you need to find. A quote has come to my mind " Wanting change without taking action, is like waiting for your ship to come in at the airport".

Are you the person who wants to change but does not want to take action ?


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My name is Patrick Tarpey. I am the coach at I am also everything else as well, from CEO to the website designer.

I have over thirty years of experience within the educational and outdoor activity sectors. This means I am well placed to understand issues people have when they are faced with a challenge.

Over time I have I have crafted my business and communication skills, this means not only am I able to empathise with your situation but also to I have the skills and tools to help you achieve your goals.

My ability to remain level headed, to think clearly to guide people safely through hazardous mountain conditions will ensure I can help you achieve success whatever the situation.

The writing on my t-shirt says " You saw the impossible, I saw the finishing line" I am pictured here wearing it after finishing the London Marathon. I understand how to keep myself focused and motivated to achieve my goals and I can do the same for you.

Hello, seeing as you have got to down here I had better introduce myself.

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